Sebastien Martin

Operations Research Center - MIT
Sloan School of Management - LIDS

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Latest News!

My project with Boston Public School is a Franz Edelman Award 2019 Finalist.

PhD Candidate, MIT

I am a 5th year PhD student, advised by Profs. Dimitris Bertsimas and Patrick Jaillet. I am on the academic job market this year (2018-19).

Research Interests

My research is in the areas of optimization and machine learning, with applications in transportation and public policy. My current focus is to scale traditional optimization and machine learning algorithms to real world problems involving large datasets. I have the pleasure to partner with Boston Public School to optimize their bus routes and school start times.


Prior to joining MIT, I graduated from Ecole polytechnique (class X2011) with a MS degree in Applied Mathematics.

Work Experience and Research Impact
  • My research papers are listed here.
  • In September 2018, I collaborated with the Boston Globe and Boston Public Schools to study the impact of changing the start times in Boston, with a potential for $18M in yearly savings for the district, better student health and equity.
  • In Spring 2017, I won the $30K Boston Public Schools Transportation Challenge together with Arthur Delarue and Dimitris Bertsimas. Our bus routing algorithm is now implemented and we are routing tens of thousands of students to school every day. It saves $5M dollars every year, reallocated to better serve the children of Boston.
  • I worked as a software engineer intern at Google in Summer 2016, developing novel algorithms to improve maps and navigation data using large geolocation datasets (> 100Gb).
  • In 2014, I was a visiting researcher for five months in UC Berkeley under Pr. Alexandre Bayen supervision.
  • In 2013 won a €10K innovation prize for a smart bicycle start-up project.

Teaching Experience
  • I have been a Teaching Assistant for a MBA Analytics course at the Sloan School of Management in 2016.
  • I have been a Teaching Assistant for a Undergrad/grad Probability course at the MIT Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department in 2017.
  • I was also a member of the teaching staff for an online Analytics course on the platform EdX for thousands of students in 2017.
  • I also lectured in a graduate class about Operations Research Software Tools in 2016 and 2017.
  • I was invited to organize a workshop on Optimization with Julia and JuMP at the 2018 Sloan Sports Analytics Conference (material available on this website)

More information is available in my CV, LinkedIn profile and GitHub account.